VOGUE: EL EVENTO en México que reunirá a las personas más influyentes de la moda

Este año se llevará a cabo la primera edición del Latin American Fashion Summit en el Andaz Mayakoba Resort de la Riviera Maya del 8 al 11 de noviembre. Un evento que busca impulsar y empoderar a diseñadores latinos.

Quien.com: Issabela Camil entre los invitados al lanzamiento de LAFS

Se llevó a cabo el lanzamiento de Latin American Fashion Summit, plataforma que impulsará a diseñadores emergentes. La primera edición será del 8 al 11 de noviembre en el Andaz Mayakoba Resort.

Excelsior: Mentes ingeniosas

Empoderar a los talentos creativos que se están generando en México y America Latina, reinventar a quienes ya están establecidos y generar un acercamiento que fortalezca la industria de la moda.

El Heraldo de México: Emprenden a través de la moda

Con el objetivo de empoderar al talento latinoamericano, tanto emergente como emprendedor del mundo de la moda, Estefanía Lacayo y Samantha Tams presentan la primera edición del Latin American Fashion Summit México.

Forbes: Latin American Fashion Summit busca empoderar a nuevos diseñadores

El mundo de la moda es en muchas ocasiones un campo difícil de acceder y destacar, al menos para los cientos de diseñadores con alto potencial

Revista Mujeres – El Diario de Hoy: Estefania Lacayo promotora de la moda latinoamericana

Estefania Lacayo nos visitó para hablar de su ambicioso proyecto Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS). Una plataforma de empoderamiento, networking y desarrollo empresarial para diseñadores

latinamericanpost.com: A platform designed to empower and support Latin American talent

For years, glossy fashion magazines dictated trends and buyers followed the commands of editors who all too often responded to commercial constraints instead of truly engaging the consumers.

El Diario de Hoy, El Salvador: Industria de la moda tiene gran potencial en A.L.

En el Salvador hay mucho talento. El problema es que no tienen las conexiones correctas ni los recursos para desarrollarse.


The Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) is an empowerment platform that encourages emerging creatives and Latin American entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, providing them with an international setting to learn, connect and thrive.

This first edition of the Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) will be held from November 8th to 11th, 2018, at the Hotel Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya, Mexico. This event includes a list of industry leaders and fashion experts as panelists and mentors. Their experience and know-how will highlight entry points in the business, shed light on industry practice, and cater to the obstacles faced in the region.

LAFS is the first fashion summit organized in Latin America and serves as a blank slate for all those who attend. Guests will initiate their LAFS journey in white with a collective address of the realities and fears of a pursuit in fashion. Guests will progressively journey into the colors of opportunity and insight altogether. By its closing, attendees will no longer be contrasting with their spirited and vivid surrounding, but rather coexisting and complementing it. With a newfound sense of empowerment and direction, guests will learn to navigate the obstacles of both culture and industry alike effectively.

In its pure colorful glory and tropical charm, Andaz Mayakoba Resort revives the authentic culture of Mexican hospitality through inspiring experiences. The Andaz Mayakoba is the ideal setting to maintain vibrant roots present, ignite creative minds and bring crafts together.

Over the course of 3 days, guests will experience different activities developed to foster creativity, promote the exchange of ideas, evaluate the feasibility of initiatives, and connect attendees with an unimaginable network. Through panels and workshops, this year’s focus will be on Sustainability, Technology, and Social Responsibility. The list of panelists consists of a worldly selection of designers, Tech/Fashion investors, CEOs, editors, bloggers and fashion influencers. Panelists and mentors will collectively address critical issues to establishing a brand, remaining relevant through culture, and innovation. Most importantly, they will offer insights on to how to overcome the myriad of challenges that Latin American creatives face as a whole.

The most valuable asset at the Latin American Fashion Summit platform is the networking opportunity that will be provided to creatives, designers and businesses.

Guests will be able to connect with a complete network of high executive levels, buyers, media representatives and investors through casual and formal opportunities for natural connections.


The LAFS was founded by Estefania Lacayo and Samantha Tams, two young Latin entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in luxury fashion and retail. These two entrepreneurs are determined to equip undiscovered Latin American talent with know-how and introduce the vast natural resources that the region has to offer. The LAFS platform will empower and educate emerging designers and entrepreneurs by providing awareness of the current industry as well as solutions to the upcoming challenges shaping the future of fashion.

The LAFS team is strategically formed by an Advisory Board and mentors composed of leading voices and high-profile visionaries who serve as ambassadors of the project.

This initiative is meant to awaken and expose the talent and natural resources that Latin America currently has to offer, by providing a platform that generates real opportunities.

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